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Nutrition North program fails keeping food costs low at Old Crow YK Co-op

Like most store owners in small Yukon communities, the new operators in Old Crow are trying to encourage people to shop local, and if that means rolling frozen turkeys down the aisles, they’re up for it. So far everything is… [ ... Read More ]

A Portage la Prairie business owner says issues of theft and robbery have been commonplace in the city for years, and he believes that is because those who commit crimes are often not concerned that there will be consequences for… [ ... Read More ]

City living joy – 3 hour commute after BC bus cancelled

Aggrieved parents of students at the University of British Columbia continue to urge TransLink to return its suspended 258 express bus, with hundreds signing an online petition in support. The 40-minute bus linking North and West Vancouver to the campus… [ ... Read More ]

A Manitoba Grand Chief says there needs to be a thorough investigation to find out why a man who fled from police is now dead, and why more efforts were not made to find the man before hypothermia took his… [ ... Read More ]

International students enjoy first winter in Canada, would like work

International students from Université de Hearst are enjoying their first winter. “It can be hard to get out into the cold when you’re not used to it,” said Simone Amagnamoua, the student affairs assistant for Université de Hearst, who came… [ ... Read More ]

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