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Retired lifelong masonry worker turns trade into stonework hobby

Devoting 40-plus years to laying stone and bricks as a masonry has proven beneficial for Mike May. The Burk’s Falls man retired from the trade a couple of years ago but wasted little time in deciding what he would do… [ ... Read More ]

Ivujivik students win award for adapting traditional story into book

A powerful bolt of lightning pierces the sky, illuminating a strange shadow — an inugagullirq. This is one scene from L’inugagullirq, an award-winning book created by seven students at Nuvviti school in Ivujivik, a Nunavik village of approximately 415 residents. The… [ ... Read More ]

Beach construction in Tiny Township has been halted for a year. A shoreline alteration interim control bylaw was passed at a special council meeting on Monday, backed by the full support of council who praised staff and outside help in… [ ... Read More ]

Anger and hope. They seem incongruous, but not in the writings of Métis Ukrainian author Conor Kerr as he weaves these emotions through the pages of his newest poetry collection Old Gods. Kerr’s words vividly and powerfully capture his childhood memories… [ ... Read More ]

‘Burying their garbage and diapers’: New deal to reopen Port Dover beach seeks to encourage respectful use

Large sections of the beach in Port Dover remain closed to the public while the families that own the beach negotiate a new lease agreement with the county. Ward councillor Adam Veri told The Spectator he sympathizes with the property owners who… [ ... Read More ]

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