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The Halo Road Race, an annual Greater Montreal Athletic Association (GMAA) fundraiser to lower the cost of school sports, was marred by an incident that outraged local parents and robbed three students of official finishes. Three boys from Karihwanó:ron School… [ ... Read More ]

Administration for the Town of Essex was directed to return with a report regarding the merits of creating a voluntary list of Town of Essex residents who would like or need the Town to check on them at a time… [ ... Read More ]

Embattled tourism minister’s latest trip to Miami cost thousands

Already under scrutiny for a $42,000 European summer trip, New Brunswick’s tourism minister last month took a five-day foray to Miami at a cost to taxpayers of $5,200. Tammy Scott-Wallace’s latest expenses were released by the Department of Tourism, Heritage… [ ... Read More ]

Burk’s Falls expands advertising platform at arena and increases existing Zamboni and wall rates

Beginning September 1st it will cost more to advertise at the Armour, Ryerson, Burk’s Falls Memorial Arena.  Arena manager Graham Smith told Burk’s Falls council that arena staff have received inquiries from people looking to rent space on the arena… [ ... Read More ]

For the time being, a councillor for the Town of The Blue Mountains (TBM) has withdrawn a resolution opposing the pumped storage energy proposal in Meaford. At a recent meeting, Coun. Paula Hope pulled her resolution that, if passed, would… [ ... Read More ]

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