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Province wants to import Indonesian workers to help stressed health system

New Brunswick is looking to import dozens of Indonesian health-care workers who could fill shortages in stressed-out hospitals and nursing homes, possibly as early as next year. Bruce Fitch, the province’s health minister, and Rinardi Rusman, secretary general of the… [ ... Read More ]

Prime Minister Justin Trudeau and B.C. Premier David Eby beamed with praise as they celebrated the Haisla Nation in late June. The northwest B.C. First Nation and its business partner, Pembina Pipelines Corp., had just announced a final investment decision… [ ... Read More ]

B.C.’s vital Indigenous-led auxiliary is expanding

When the Nathan E. Stewart tugboat ran aground off the coast of Bella Bella, spilling over 100,000 litres of fuel into surrounding waters in 2016, members of the Heiltsuk Nation were the first on scene. The volunteers were there to support emergency… [ ... Read More ]

NB Power’s problem isn’t about price, it’s about public trust, says prof

NB Power says it has a peak load problem. The public utility is worried what will happen if electrical demand keeps going up – thanks to the province’s newfound population growth and the increasing popularity of e-vehicles – and it… [ ... Read More ]

On June 28, 2024, the province released a report on the pay for elected officials. The document covers salaries, allowances, and retirement benefits for the premier as well as MLAs serving in the Manitoba Legislature. It is the first such… [ ... Read More ]

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