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Manitoba First Nations people urged to get out and vote in provincial election

The Chief of a Manitoba community is imploring First Nations people to get out and vote in the upcoming provincial election, and says she doesn’t want any First Nations citizens believing they should not be concerned about who forms the… [ ... Read More ]

Meta Blocks Wakaw Recorder

The Canadian news blockage by internet giants Google and Facebook has this past week impacted The Wakaw Recorder. Patrons who used to find their news on the Recorder’s Facebook page are now greeted with a message telling them that people… [ ... Read More ]

Only Ontario imposes a 6.1 per cent tax on wine sales at vintners’ retail stores and winery proprietor Bill Redelmeier can’t understand why the levy even exists. Redelmeier, from Southbrook Vineyards, and Jakub Lipinski, of Big Head Wines, joined Niagara… [ ... Read More ]

Northern Sunrise County Family and Community Support Services is welcoming residents to its annual Harvest Family Dance being held at the St. Isidore Gazebo on Sept. 30 from 7-8:30 p.m. Director of community services Amber Houle says the dance is… [ ... Read More ]

Province demands older long-term care homes rebuild

The provincial government has made it crystal clear to aging long-term care homes that they must rebuild, but one of Tavistock’s two homes remains tight-lipped about its future. The Maples Home for Seniors has not made public the future of… [ ... Read More ]

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