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‘Every medical professional seemed to fail my father,’ son says

The night Donald Darrell Mesheau’s heart failed seven hours into his wait to see a Fredericton ER doctor, all the tasks in triage fell to one nurse, plus anyone who could be spared to help. The Horizon Health Network manager… [ ... Read More ]

The Blue Mountains council has significantly reduced a parkland dedication fee a local couple would have had to pay in order to build their dream home in the community. At its committee of the whole meeting on April 9, council… [ ... Read More ]

Combustibles cleaner than electricity for MD of Bighorn operations shop: study

A net-zero feasibility study found that using natural gas would make the MD of Bighorn’s new operations and maintenance building more efficient than relying on Alberta’s current electricity grid, mostly powered by natural gas and coal. The build would include… [ ... Read More ]

Hemp plant opening expected in fall

A long-anticipated opening date for Smoky Hemp Decortication Ltd. (SHDL) is nearing, and its reality became a little more real as a part of the decortication line arrived earlier this month. Chief administrative officer Avis Gagne says that the piece… [ ... Read More ]

A proposal to build a pharmaceutical manufacturing plant near a small trailer park community is being met with outrage and anger from those who believe the plans will change their quiet rural neighbourhood for the worse. “It would change the… [ ... Read More ]

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